Protect your family and friends from annoying and disease spreading mosquitoes, fleas and ticks in your outdoor living area with Mosquito Platoon.

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Mosquito Platoon’s 21-Day Barrier Spray can be used at restaurants with outdoor seating, parks, recreational facilities and many other outdoor spaces. We can serve businesses, organizations, municipalities and government agencies.

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Weddings & Special Events

Mosquito Platoon’s 21-Day Barrier Spray can be protect your guests at outdoor events with a 2-step process. We will come a few days before the event and apply our 21-Day Barrier Spray and the day of the event for an adulticide treatment that will kill all flying insects in the immediate area.

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Other Services and Products

Insect Growth Regulator for
Ponds and Gutters

Kills mosquito larvae before they can develop into troublesome adults, minimizing the spread of breeding, biting and disease spreading mosquitoes.
Available in a 30 day briquette

Target Pest = Mosquito larvae
- Contains (S)-Methoprene, a proven Insect Growth Regulator (IGR).
- Prevents mosquito larvae from becoming breeding, biting adults.
- Provides up to 30 days of control in standing water.
- No adverse effect on humans, pets, animals, fish or vegetation.
- Low-cost, extended mosquito control.

How It Works
Any area with standing water is a potential mosquito breeding ground. Mosquitoes aren't just a nuisance anymore; they're a serious health risk. With just one bite, they can transmit the deadly West Nile virus and other diseases that can cause encephalitis. Kills mosquito larvae before they can develop into troublesome adults. One application provides control for up to 30 days, without adversely affecting people or pets, and gives your customers another line of defense against these pests.

Application Sites

  • Bird baths
  • Flowerpots
  • Ornamental fountains
  • Gutters
  • Water gardens
  • Rain barrels
  • Pool covers
  • Puddles
  • Horse troughs and other animal drinking water receptacles
  • Other water-holding receptacles

Abatement Strips

Target Pest = Flies
- The active ingredient, Nithiazine, kills nuisance flies within seconds after feeding.
- Contains a triple-action attractant formula with two feeding attractants and a fly sex pheromone.
- Up to eight weeks of consistent control.
- For outdoor use near fly feeding areas, or in partially enclosed areas, such as loading docks and parking garages.

How It Works
Nuisance flies are drawn to the strip by a triple-action attractant. After flies locate the device, they explore the surface, and then begin feeding. Flies die within seconds after they begin feeding.

Target Areas

  • Loading Docks
  • Parking Garages
  • Dumpsters
  • Stables
  • Kennels
  • Aviaries
  • Refuge and Recycling Facilities
  • Dairy Barns
  • Poultry Houses


Fly Bait Station

Scatter baits are an effective and economical fly control method for areas with high fly populations. Flies are drawn in by the powerful attractants and die rapidly after feeding on the bait.

How It Works
The FlyBait Station makes the use of scatter baits easy by reducing the associated mess and exposure concerns due to spreading the bait over the open ground where children, pets and livestock may come in contact.

Target Areas

  • Barns
  • Stables
  • Dumpsters
  • Kennels
  • Warehouses
  • Feedlots
  • Broiler houses



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