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Complications with Lyme Disease

By: Caitlin Boyle

We here at Mosquito Platoon like to keep our customers informed on health concerns regarding disease carrying insects. Recently we became aware of a growing concern regarding complications with Lyme Disease.

The wide variety of symptoms associated with Lyme disease causes it to be mistaken for other conditions or misdiagnosed, which is why Lyme disease is often known as “the New Great Imitator”. See link for more information about Lyme disease symptoms

Lyme disease can mimic conditions, which is why 90 percent of individuals with Lyme disease may not know they have it. The bull’s eye rash, which is the most common indicator, is not always present or noticeable. As many as 50% individuals with Lyme disease never recalled seeing a bull’s eye rash.

Lyme disease can also have a profound impact on a child’s life, and cognitive function. Children ages 5-14 are most at risk and 25 percent of Lyme disease involves children under 14. Pain and impaired cognitive function make it difficult for the child to perform well in school, making early identification and diagnosed crucial to the future health and wellbeing of the child.

A local resident, Mrs. T, from Bucks County, was gracious enough to discuss her own struggle with Lyme disease. She first started showing severe flu- like symptoms in 2002 with extremely painful headaches, high fever and 2 swollen joints. She knew this was no ordinary flu, and sought treatment. However, doctors had trouble confirming the cause of these issues. After being admitted to the hospital for a few days she was well enough to return home, but she was never treated for Lyme disease. She suffered from severe leg cramping that lasted for 10 years, then developed fibromyalgia, respiratory infections with bronchitis every other month and finally inflammatory arthritis and chronic fatigue. She went 12 years with these painful conditions before finally being diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2013 from 2 specialty labs, Igenex and Medical Laboratory Labs (MDL).

The reason for this perpetual state of confusion was due to the Lyme disease vaccination she was administered in 1999. This vaccine caused Lyme disease tests to display a positive result even before she contracted Lyme disease.

According to Neuro Science’s Lyme Disease, A Great Imitator, many tests are available to identify the presence of the specific Lyme disease bacteria. However, the tests often show negative results when the patient does indeed have Lyme disease. In her case, she tested a false positive when she did not have Lyme disease. However, when she actually contracted Lyme, the medical person still believed it was a false positive and disregarded the test result. Standard tests fail to properly diagnose over half of Lyme positive cases. Many believe the Elisa test and Western Blot are woefully inaccurate and have not been changed in 35 years.

She is now trying everything she can to alleviate her symptoms. She stated that she had recently stopped taking antibiotics. She was not convinced they were effective. She stated, "Antibiotics need to be taken for years in order to rid your body of the Lyme bacteria. In fact, you may take this medication for years and still not see a positive effect". As an alternative, she found out about an old treatment not recognized by the medical establishment in this country, a Rife machine. It is too soon to tell if it is effective for her, but she knows many others for whom it has helped. She also changed her diet (no dairy, gluten, sugar or processed foods) and sees a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD).

Unfortunately, she discussed how she believes she will never be 100 percent cured of Lyme disease. She hopes the doctors can help rid the Lyme bacteria in her body as much as possible and improve her body systems that are negatively affected by Lyme.

From her personal trials in dealing with this debilitating disease, Mrs. T decided to become an advocate for Lyme disease in Pennsylvania. She is committed to set forth any extra time and energy she may have to help educate others and hopefully get new laws passed concerning Lyme disease. She also is working to get insurance companies to start covering the huge expenses most Lyme disease patients have to pay on their own so they can be more concerned about their health than their medical bills.

When asked if there was any advice she could give to other people suffering with Lyme disease, she said, "Once you are diagnosed, start researching and find a good Lyme disease support group to go to.  These groups are great ways to discuss any difficulties you face with other Lyme patients and also learn information on new treatment options".

Today, Pennsylvania ranks first in the nation in number of confirmed cases of Lyme disease. It is important to be educated and aware of the seriousness of this tricky disease. For more information...please visit

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