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Take the Bite Out of Your Yard in 2018

What We Do

Mosquito Platoon will spray your outdoor living areas including trees, shrubs and foliage. Our spray kills all mosquitos that are present at the time of application and creates a protective barrier for up to three weeks

Mosquito Platoon Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from Real Customers, look them up on our Facebook Page;

From Mary H

Doing at the shore again this year! Worked great for us last year and we are surrounded by trees and woods. Couldn't enjoy our space before but now we can! Thanks Chris!

From Colleen D;

I have been using Mosquito Platoon for at least the last 2 years. I LOVE that I have my backyard back!! Totally worth trying, the spray is safe for dogs and kids!

From Christine B;

We used them last year starting in late May and had them spray about 3 times throughout the summer. It seemed to keep the Mosquitos away. This year we signed up for the full summer package which covers sprays every 21 days and lasts through sept. There was a discount to sign up for the full season

From Aimee F; 

My in laws had mosquito platoon last summer and it was amazing! With NO exaggeration you couldn't open their backdoor without getting bit. It was really bad. Now we sit out by the pool all day without a bug in sight!

From Peggy M;

Mosquito Platoon, local and excellent!

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